AB issue 8.20

by AB13 Oct 2011
Top stories
Broker market share in the balance
Mortgage broker market share has increased, but whether it continues to rise will largely depend on the strategies employed by major banks, a leading industry analyst has said
Brokers navigating new disclosures
Mortgage and finance brokers are coping with the new “onerous” disclosure regime under the NCCP regime, after it finally came into force on October 1
FBAA promises more than a ‘piss up’
The FBAA has announced the line-up for its inaugural conference, with president Peter White promising the event will be more than “a piss up”
Inside this issue
Analysis: Channel conflict and commissions
Leading analysts have predicted banks may increasingly try to shut out brokers amid rising competition by ramping up direct channels and eroding commissions.
Viewpoint: Brokers, banks and customers
Brokers have beaten banks and credit unions hands down when it comes to their engagement with customers. We ask pundits what brokers are doing so right.
Insight: Becoming your own Facebook fan
Facebook is changing the way businesses interact with customers, and Byron Gray argues it’s about time brokers became their own fans by utilising the social network.
Market talk: The stamp duty Catch-22
A recent tax forum saw the housing industry call for an end to stamp duties to combat affordability problems – but would this be the watershed it’s made out to be?
Toolkit: Fighting against fraud
Brokers are on the front line of the battle to detect fraudulent mortgage transactions. We find out how you can go in armed.