AB issue 8.22

by AB09 Nov 2011

Top stories


Be professional, but stay ‘rebels’: MFAA

Brokers have been urged to balance increased professionalism with maintaining their role as market disruptors and ‘rebels’


Broker productivity cause for concern

The mortgage industry will need to become more productive if it is to see sustainable returns, according to Aussie


Commissions face bank cost pressures

Commission levels may come under threat, as banks are left with no option but to focus on cutting their costs



Inside this issue


News special: PLAN Conference

Trevor Scott unveils new PLAN; Genworth to back selected FHBs; Caton claims economic threats ‘exaggerated’


Analysis: Brokers to go ‘hybrid’

The middle ground between brokers and direct online lenders expected to become fertile for tech adopters


Insight: Fee-for-service experiences

The viability of fees is a hot button for the industry, but who is achieving it and how? Find out from experience!


Market talk: Businesses gain demand

Opportunities are increasing in business credit, as the long-awaited demand build-up begins to break


Caught on camera: ING Direct

ING Direct met with brokers accompanied by key decision makers, and answered the tough questions