AB issue 8.24

by AB07 Dec 2011

Home lenders next as brokers found wanting

Mortgage lenders have been identified as ASIC’s next target, after a review of responsible lending found low-doc brokers have more work to do


NAB Broker scores with ‘disparity’ removal

Aggregators have welcomed moves from NAB Broker to remove differences between its ‘4-Star’ brokers and other broker segments, labelling this a ‘positive step’ from the lender


Watchdog zeroes in on MFAA membership

The ACCC is seeking consultation on lender requirements that brokers be MFAA members, in a move that throws into question the ongoing relevance of these arrangements


Inside this issue:


News feature: What’s in store for 2012?

With only weeks to go of this calendar year, Australian Broker provides your guide to the issues and trends that will shape your 2012


Analysis: NAB Broker seeks segments

NAB Broker will have to work hard on its service offering following a segmentation overhaul if it is to hit new ambitious sales targets


Insight: The pros of partnership

Port Group director Andrew Baker argues taking on a partner can yield a range of benefits - as long as the decision is not taken lightly


Toolkit: Demystifying Veda scores

How your clients are scored by Veda Advantage and others can be critical in getting deals over the line. Here’s how it works


Caught on camera: Deposit Power

Deposit Power hit the go-kart track once again in November, and speed was no barrier to its charity raising efforts