AB issue 9.01

by AB24 Jan 2012

Top stories


Consolidation the ‘elephant in the room’

Consolidation of mortgage aggregators is expected to continue apace in 2012, forcing the industry to assess the future viability of aggregation models


MFAA review pits lender against broker

ING Direct and Mortgage Choice are at odds over enforcing mandatory MFAA memberships among their brokers, on the back of an ACCC review


Lenders attack commission complexities

Brokers have welcomed changes to lender commission structures, which they argue is indicative of a broader shift towards commission simplicity



Inside this issue


The coalface: Frontline broker reports

Whether its vehicle wraps, tech-savvy trainees, or risk sales, brokers are shaping their business for growth this year.


Viewpoint: Defying the Europe gloom

Europe is providing the doom and gloom, but our pundits predict where the silver lining of opportunity lies in 2012.


News feature: 2012’s best in the business

Aim for the stars and stay true to your DNA’: That’s the message from brokers, as they outline their growth plans.


People: An indigenous literacy odyssey

Taking some time out to teach finance to Aboriginal communities yielded its own learning for broker Eddie McCoy.


Caught on camera: Australian Financial

Fancy a round of golf? Here’s one on Australian Financial, and there’s no chance of being caught in the rough.