AB issue 9.02

by AB02 Feb 2012

Top stories


Sky’s the limit, as brokers skill up

Leading mortgage brokers are embracing ongoing training as key to their professional and business development this year


Brokers tell ACCC to scrap mandatory MFAA

Mortgage brokers have expressed their anger with compulsory MFAA memberships, asking the ACCC to scrap the arrangements


Wholesale aggregator value questioned

Wholesale aggregators have been lambasted for failing to successfully develop the businesses of multiple independent brokers



Inside this issue


The coalface: Brokers report from front line

Brokers on skilling up their staff, property market referrers and the power of social media


Analysis: Interest rate ado about nothing

The power the RBA wields is diminished by big bank threats not to pass on its cash rate cuts


Viewpoint: Surviving the online age

Pundits ask what the use of a broker is, and how this will change in an online world


Opinion: Find a niche in ‘abundant’ times

Futurosophist Kym Dalton argues today can bring rich pickings – if you find your niche


People: Broker New Year’s resolutions

The best of intentions may not always materialise - but here they are for the record