AB issue 9.03

by AB17 Feb 2012

Top stories


Shorten on brokers: Don’t be rigid

Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten has told brokers they do not need to apply NCCP responsible lending obligations too rigidly


Job cuts to boost broker market

Bank plans to slash thousands of jobs over the next two years could end up benefitting brokers and consumers


NAB decides segmentation not in stars

NAB will not move to segment brokers after abandoning its ‘outdated’ broker star rating program last year


Inside this issue


Analysis: Homeside’s true colours

With Homeside branding moving ever closer to NAB, the brand itself may soon become redundant.


Viewpoint: Compliance and MFAA

Are you ready for the not unsuitable ‘rocky road’, and should the MFAA stand on its own two feet?


Insight: Five ways to tap opportunity

How can you make the most of this year’s potential? NMB’s Sal Cinque give you 5 ideas to keep in mind


Toolkit: Getting into the media

Want to see your face in today’s news? Six Degrees’ Matt Patterson tells you how to achieve media exposure


People: Have a loan, and a heart

While CSR might be an empty marketing ploy for some, Loan Ave is taking community responsibilities to heart.