AB issue 9.06

by AB10 Apr 2012

Top stories


Cracks to appear in bank dominance

A new wave of competition has been predicted to soon shake the concentration of bank market power


NAB writes new loan doc script

Loan doc ‘horror stories’ are promised to be a thing of the past, as NAB Broker improves doc packet


Brokers’ last stand: Aggregators to sell

A number of the industry’s remaining independent aggregators have been predicted to sell within 18 months



Inside this issue


Viewpoint: Weston on brokers, London

Outgoing industry stalwart Steve Weston compares Australian and  UK broking markets


Opinion: Mohnacheff plugs education

Education does not have to be a dirty word, argues Liberty Financial’s John Mohnacheff


Forum: Brokers debate aggregators

The independence of aggregators dissected, as well as opinions on ‘bait-and-switch’


People: Advise from Jeremy Fisher

Are you looking advice from one of the best? Well, Jeremy Fisher is your man


Insider: STDs can really hurt

This type of STD can leave you with a lifetime of regret – be warned, says Insider