AB issue 9.08

by AB30 Apr 2012

Top stories


Diploma deadline to bring association ‘chop’

The impending MFAA Diploma deadline may see many brokers flock to rival associations – or to no association at all.


ING Direct against ‘double jeopardy’

ING Direct has come out against segmentation, which the bank says puts consumers at risk of playing ‘double jeopardy’


Compliance certificates prove a pitfall

Many brokers may have gotten their Annual Compliance Certificates wrong, according to a compliance expert.


Inside this issue


Coalface: Making sense of JV’s

One aggregator is pursuing JV’s with likeminded professions, rather than a previously planned path of training up brokers.


Opinion: The truth about vals

Are valuations too conservative? An expert explains the difference between price, worth and value.


Insight: Three successful broker traits

The best brokers have ingrained habits that are part of their routine. Former top broker Stuart Wemyss explains.


People: Westpac’s Kokoda challenge

Westpac’s Queensland broker state manager has helped win a grant from the bank for one local not for profit.


Insider: Logic in reverse

It’s sometimes difficult dealing with lenders who want to tick boxes that don’t exist, writes Insider