AB issue 9.11

by AB07 Jun 2012

Top stories


Bank desire to kill off brokers ‘truly dead’

Brokers have been asked to change an ‘us versus them’  mentality long-since abandoned by major lenders


Homeloans’ Refund buy a ‘free kick’

The Refund saga has ended with Homeloans’ purchase of the business, which it expects will provide it a boost in the marketplace


MFAA explains Diploma extension

A ‘massive backlog’ in processing Diploma hopefuls caused the MFAA to push back its deadline for new minimum education standards


Inside this issue


People: Broker goes to Vegas

One broker is off to try his fortunes in Vegas, after winning an industry competition for a trip to the gambling mecca


Forum: Deadline furore

You’d think brokers might be happy with some Diploma breathing space, but not so, say our online readers


Insight: Meditation for success

You’ve tried sales courses and conferences – but have you tried meditation? This brain experiment could boost your business


Q&A: Surety amidst uncertainty

Mortgage insurance can sometimes appear opaque to brokers, but not after this Q&A with Jenny Boddington


Insider: MFAA fame and frivolity

Some jokes got a laugh, others didn’t, but one thing’s for sure, someone got real famous among brokers.