AB issue 9.15

by AB09 Aug 2012

The NEW Australian Broker


JOHN SYMOND: Far from finished

The man who built a market on why Aussie and mortgage broking are just getting started


AB Snapshot: Non-major lenders

We take the pulse of the non-major lending sector, and find the sector rebounding back


The Big Idea: Offshore loans

Mortgage Ezy has rolled the dice on offshore loan processing, and the gamble is paying off


Inside this issue


Axe to grind: A conspiracy of noise

Kym Dalton derides the data fog in which we live, arguing brokers need to see through the statistical mist


Opinion: The future of home lending

Tim Brown explains why a flood of money into property could cause negative effects on the broker channel.


People: RAMS hits the road

A few self-proclaimed middle-aged men in lyrca from RAMS are in training for a 100km Brisbane to Gold Coast ride.


Caught on Camera: La Trobe fights depression

La Trobe Financial recently sponsored the inaugural Melbourne Lifeline business lunch with prominent guests.


The Workshop: Make your PA pay

A loan processor can be a significant investment, but you can turn them into a profitable lead generation machine