AB issue 9.17

by AB06 Sep 2012

Top stories


‘Madness in method’: EDR faces abuse

Stripping lenders of their enforcement armoury could see clients take advantage of EDRs and put competition at risk


Low-doc showdown

Industry at war over pre-GFC low-doc lending, as new banking inquiry brings to light claims of rampant fraud


GFC not over

Banking lobby claims that the financial crisis is still running, and impacts on credit supply are still being felt


Inside this issue


Axe to grind: Raise the bar, please

Mortgage Place’s Patrick McMenamin has many qualifications to his name, and says brokers should not fight against further study


Forum: Shades of Keating, lessons from Einstein

Calls to scrap negative gearing met with lessons from the past, well as lessons from the wisest on the industry’s leading online forum


Analysis: Calm before the storm?

ASIC has kept a relatively low profile since its leap into credit regulation, but is the tidal wave of enforcement about to hit?


Caught on camera: Australian Finance Group

It wasn’t quite the Playboy Mansion, but AFG’s NSW state awards celebration was an entertaining afternoon.


Feature: Can brokers record interviews?

Protecting your business through the recording of client interviews could save you