AB issue 9.19

by AB09 Oct 2012

Mark Haron: ‘Own your business’

The Connective head explains why owning your own business, even as a one-man-band, is crucial for brokers.


The threat of disloyalty

An industry analyst argues clients are increasingly fickle when it comes to brokers.


Aggregators attack

Two major aggregators wage a war of words over their commission models.


Opinion: Make the complex comprehensive

SAKS Consulting principal Kym Dalton argues brokers must keep it simple, straightforward and comprehensible to win over increasingly confused clients.


People: More women, please

Women in broking are a rare and valuable asset, argues this aggregator CEO, who wants to see far more in the industry.


Workshop: Prospecting mistakes to avoid

Developing and believing in your sales concept could be the key to unlocking a wider range of prospects, says this marketing specialist.


Market Talk: A state of Flux

We look at how arrears are affecting brokers on the ground in the worst, and best hit regions in Australia for arrears.


Feature: To tape or not to tape?

Legal expert Mathew Bransgrove explores the legal issues behind taping your clients’ interviews to protect your own hide.