AB issue 9.22

by AB21 Nov 2012

KATHY CUMMINGS: Productivity for prosperity
Market forces are demanding brokers focus harder on business and loan processing efficiencies, with CBA’s Kathy Cummings arguing increased productivity is essential for the industry’s sustainability.
News: White label showdown
Aggregator heads are clashing over the impact that white label broker sales incentives may have on a market now regulated by ASIC.
Opinion: Broking ‘not as you know it’
LoanKit CEO Simon Dehne on why the National Broadband Network will overhaul your day-to-day life as a mortgage broker.
Workshop: Three ‘game-changing’ ideas
The BrokerProfitsVault’s James Veigli gives you three gems of wisdom that could change your business for the better.
AB Snapshot: A boutique battleground
Boutique aggregators are far from out of the game, as the CEO’s of challenger aggregator brands outline in this exclusive report.
People: Child singing star
If The X Factor has convinced you you were meant to be a singing star, this former Indian ‘Shooting Star’ and current broker has some tips for you.
Caught on Camera: Vow conference
You’ll be envious of the colourful experiences these Vow Financial brokers had during their recent holiday in Phuket.
Insider: The industry’s hottest broker
Australian Broker has named the winner of its Broking HOT competition. Be stunned by the shape this broker maintains.