AB issue 9.23

by AB22 Nov 2012


The core proposition of the mortgage broking channel will only be strengthened if predicted low credit growth conditions continue into next year, argues James Symond


News: Social media watchdog

The MFAA has appointed itself watchdog of all member social media communications, and infringements will be dealt with using its independent tribunal process


Conference special: Connective

Does diversification mean taking your eye off the ball rather than expanding revenue streams, and will ‘old-style banking’ deliver industry productivity?


Workshop: Success and hard truths

Success don’t come easy, and as James Veigli explains, the best ‘get rick quick’ scheme you’ll find will probably mean sacrifice and hard work


Analysis: Brokers on 2012

Was the year good, bad, or just plain ugly? Some of the industry’s top brokers give their take on a year that didn’t end their world


Market talk: Westpac’s Bill Evans

One of the great minds of economics gives his outlook for first homebuyer activity, credit growth, house prices and interest rates


People: Embracing community

Indian brokers, customers and even Kamal on why it’s important that banks engage and assist migrant communities in Australia