• Opinion: Staying on top of your game

    With the significant focus on household debt and regulators on a knife edge when it comes to the property market, brokers need to assert the critical role they play in the credit chain

  • Opinion: Brokers, stand your ground

    Property lawyer Peter Mericka breaks down the property transaction and urges brokers not to become pawns for the banks

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    For Scott Hawkanson, principal mortgage consultant at Australian Mortgage Brokers, getting involved in charitable causes is more about time than money.

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    The MFAA has proposed some radical changes to its leadership structure, and it could hand greater control to brokers

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    Loan Market chairman Sam White says the company’s move to a franchise model was about empowering brokers, not restricting them

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    When ASIC takes big institutions to task, it usually uses enforceable undertakings. Henry Davis York partner Lucinda McCann examines whether EUs are making a difference

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    Simone Ryan looks to give back to families experiencing significant hardship

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    ​As the new financial year kicks off, consumer confidence remains in the doldrums. What flow-on effects will this have on the property market? AMP chief economist Shane Oliver has told Australian Broker TV that a great deal rests on the incoming budget measures.