Advertising Teller Machine

by 22 Mar 2012

No one likes ATM fees. Being charged $2 just to access your own money seems like a real kick in the pants. And we’ve all been in the situation of drunkenly stumbling to one of those dodgy ATMs in a darkened corner of a pub, blissfully unaware of the niggling fees eating away at our balance until the hard, cold reality is brought to bear by our monthly statements. Well, ATM manufacturers in the U.S. have found the solution. They allow customers to get out of paying those pesky fees if they agree to sit through a 30-second on-screen advertisement. Australian banks have yet to come out in support of the plan, but with ATM fees receiving a lot of negative press could cash machine commercials be in our future? Insider can only imagine the marketing opportunities. Imagine the commercial impact if an ATM situated next to a McDonald’s suddenly started playing video of juicy Big Macs, or the social impact if one next to a TAB featured an angry, lecturing Nick Xenophon. Off-brand, dodgy ATMs in pubs and back alleys would no doubt be rife with poorly made ads for XTR4 CH34P V14GR4!!!! and GENUINE ROL3XXX W4TCH3S. It’s a brave new world, indeed.