Avast, me hearties!

by BN18 Mar 2012

The banks have had a rough run of things in the PR department of late. After raising their rates outside the Reserve Bank, they faced a political, consumer and media backlash of fairly epic proportions that no amount of explanation around funding costs could quell. After the firestorm they’ve endured, one would think their PR departments would be at DEFCON 5, always at the ready to head off any potential public relations disaster. The last thing they would want, after all, is to make any further move that would allow the media to cast the banks as greedy or thieving. Yet, somehow when the Commonwealth Bank allowed its mobile lenders to dress up as pirates for a company party! Evidently, no one stepped in to say, “A pirate?! Well, that’s hardly the image we want for Long John Silver’s!” The situation was parlayed into a media beat-up which, in all honesty, probably blew the party out of all proportion. After all, CBA wasn’t even paying for the soiree. A third party was footing the bill, and Insider may be wrong on this, but he was under the impression it only cost $2 per person. Something about a buck an ear? Sorry. Ahem. Anyway, Insider is fairly amazed no one at CBA foresaw this and put a stop to it before it hit the wires. As a result of the fiasco we hope that no one was forced to walk the plank. But Insider supposes they should have known that casting bankers as pirates is definitely bad P Aaaarrrrrr! Again, sorry.