Bin that crystal ball

by BN12 Mar 2012

Is your crystal ball giving you headaches? Are those tea leaves just too damn bitter? Or are you thinking of joining an animal rights group, instead of casting those animal bones again? Not a problem. Insider has found another way of predicting property prices and international markets this year. Let’s call it feng shui finance – an adaptation of that ancient Chinese art of universal harmony. In amongst all the gloom on Europe, Insider was one day taking a break from gazing searchingly at his palm when he came across an article quoting Sherman Tai, a notable feng shui master and fortune teller. While markets gyrated and the cacophony of alarm reverberated through the financial press, Sherman Tai calmly used his feng shui skill to come up with the conclusion: “Europe’s economy is actually not bad”. That’s right – and that’s from a master. According to Tai, “where there are changes that lead to improvement, particularly for Germany, England and France will perform better”. But Tai – and feng shui itself – is not an art form that shies away from specifics. In fact, Tai can tell you exactly what’s in store. “Read estate, particularly England, will have very apparent increase in value, whereas Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will have less of an increase,” he said. Tai says while the Euro will stand, it will be weaker – in the US$1.3 – 1.4 range. And, perhaps in the mood for a stockmarket flutter, Tai says the British Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock exchange will yield the greatest fluctuations – but will average a 6-8% increase. Tarot move over – this feng shui caper is a sure bet. If only Tai could cast his eye at the Aussie market!