Hove a good ‘notional’ weekend?

by BN23 Apr 2012

Remember the good old days, when Friday meant a long, boozy lunch which inevitably went on too long, followed by two sumptuous days of freedom from those pesky client calls? Well, those days may be a thing of the past, Insider is sad to inform brokers. Yes, the banks are doing their utmost to drag their workforces into a brave new 24/7 world, where those real-time payments need to be processed NOW (yes, even on Saturday afternoons and snoozy Sunday mornings), and service needs to be available to clients at all hours of the clock. Of course, the global market is pushing these changes – of that Insider has no doubt – but have mortgages brokers been consulted? It may be all well and good for banks to implement (breathe in) “flexible and efficient modern work practices in a way that has proper regard to the considerations of productivity and employment costs”, but what about their third party brokers? Yes, banks will be competing with the broker channel 24/7 – that’s including when you are asleep – so you’d better be ready to answer that mobile or check your email around the clock to keep up with your big banking brothers. And what if brokers want to have a real weekend (if those days aren’t already gone)? Well, those weekends are now ‘notional’.

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