I’ve got an STD, baby..

by BN23 Mar 2012

Do you have an STD? Have you ever had one? Would you talk about it with your partner, or feel guilty if you left the problem ‘unspoken’ and inevitably passed one on? Insider hopes that readers haven’t been misled by thinking these questions relate to a disease of any kind. No, not at all. In fact, Insider is referring to one of the biggest causes of marital and relationship breakdowns, one that leaves both parties in tears regretting they ever saw each other - Sexually Transmitted Debt. Ahem, dare Insider mention such a taboo topic? STD’s (according to Debt Rescue, which has plumbed new, dark depths of imagination to describe debt in such a way) occurs when partners act “funny about their money”, and don’t discuss their existing debt problems before making big decisions about their future together. According to operations manager at Debt Rescue, Rachael Witton, couples shouldn’t be afraid to lay themselves bare – even to the point of discussing their STD “nuts and bolts”. “STD’s are growing in epic proportions as couples seem to be unaware of their partners’ money spending habits,” Witton said, elaborating on the somewhat awkward relationship issue. Witton said “silent wives” who let husbands handle finance alone, or careless fortnightly paycheque-wielding husbands who hand over their responsibility to wives are at risk of accidental exposure to STD’s. “These scenarios are not uncommon and without having an idea of a partners pre-existing debt, relationship debt can quickly accumulate leading to an STD,” she said. Fortunately, couples have a way to avoid the issue – protection. The message is, sit down and expose any ugly secrets, and plan how to avoid any in future. Or, couples can always call Debt Rescue in an emergency which has offered to treat STDs.