Last chance to Ride the Lightning

by BN11 Jan 2012

There’s no doubt the Eurozone crisis has been dragging down economies around the world. Even Australia is feeling the shudders, with higher funding prices, lower consumer confidence and growing unemployment. But some people are determined to milk what they can out of the failing European economy before it goes completely pear-shaped, and one group who’s hedging their bets is Metallica. The ageing, increasingly dowdy-looking rockers have brought forward a series of gigs in Europe to try to beat out an impending global economic collapse. The band’s manager, Peter Mensch, said they realised they would be “losing money on the table” if they waited until later in the year to play their European tour. This development could be viewed two different ways: Either Metallica wants to treat their European fans to one last hurrah before ballooning government debt and austerity measures make frivolities like rock shows a thing of the past, or they want to milk that last bit of money out of them before their fans resort to burning the liner notes from Master of Puppets just to stay warm at night. Metallica should come through the crisis OK, though. If history has taught this band anything, it’s that when the going gets tough, sue the hell out of your fans for a quick injection of cash.