Live long and prosper

by BN11 Mar 2012

Splitting up property assets as a result of divorce can get messy, especially if there have been significant improvements made to a property. However, as Insider recently found, added value is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. He recently came across the story of a couple in England who are currently wading through such a dispute. Fifty-eight-year-old Tony Alleyne has spent the past 10 years turning the couple’s flat into the deck of the Starship Enterprise. His ex-wife now wants to sell the property, but said she wants to turn it into a more “traditional” offering. Since she’s been paying the mortgage since the couple separated, it looks like she’s going to have the last word on this one. Insider does have to feel a certain level of sympathy for Tony, who has invested a lot of effort in making sure he will never bring a girl back to the flat. Still, his ex-wife has a point about giving the property a bit broader appeal. Most of the prospective buyers who would be interested in a Star Trek themed property probably already have a stable residence in their parents’ basement.