Maybe the moon?

by BN13 Jan 2012

Further to Insider’s ‘grass is greener’ tendencies (see Ohai, above), a recent browse of the internet found plots of land for sale in the most unlikely of places – the moon. Moontastic – a website that specialises in moon land sales – urges visitors to “make a bold claim for your slice of the future”. “In 1969 man dared to take one giant leap and go where no one has ever been. This is your chance to take a small step and stake a claim of your very own,” the site reads. Visitors can order their very own lunar plot by scenic tour, showing them – much like your local real estate agent – all the finer points of the lunar surface options available. For example, your local crater might provide privacy, while you could find a plot on one of the moon’s mountains – and have that view pretty much all to yourself. Is there a catch? Well, the site cannot be returned once a claim is made, and there is ‘no refund’ policy. Likewise, the claim is no guarantee of ownership – only your ‘intention’ to own. Insider thinks he may look elsewhere to plant his flag, and find a claim with a bit more gravitas.