Ohai, Oh hell!

by BN14 Jan 2012

Insider is always one to look for any sign of greener grass growing somewhere, anywhere around the world – anything for an excuse to pack his bags in search of a potentially (yet often illusory ) better life. And so it was with interest that he first began reading an article advertising property in New Zealand’s township of Ohai. What opened as a seemingly idyllic piece listing the virtues of the town in New Zealand’s remote South, began to smell a little fishy to Insider as he read on. The first and seemingly only drawcard was affordability – the article focused around a property for only $25,000 in the “quant” town. Who wouldn’t want a house for $25,000? However, it then went on to list sewerage and water as being advantages of a purchase. Sewerage and water? Is it just Insider, or does advertising essential services such as sewerage raise some question marks? The article then went on to paint an even more bleak picture. Population: 357. Median income: $14,100. Internet coverage: 25%. The mayor added that there was also a golf course, a bowling green – and even a swimming pool heated by coal donated from the local mine. Want to stop in on a town that’s a little bigger? Well, Ohai is only an hour’s drive to Invercargill. While Insider does fancy living like a king somewhere, Ohai was looking less and less likely as the place he would do so.