Staying true to your business vision

by BN26 Feb 2012

Those New Year’s resolutions may already seem hazy, but Michael Hall from WildWorks refocuses the lens on your goals and commitments

Of course, this year will be different. Or maybe not.

We’ve all been there. It might have been:

• the holiday where you really relaxed and then promised to be more calm when you got home
•  the time you joined the gym with the real intention of training more often
• the pile of books, stacked all neatly, that you were determined to read
• that small house repair that you've always been meaning to do
• the old friend who you promised to catch up with more often ... "we must do this again".

Or it might have been...that moment in business when you were genuinely committed to do something really different. You agree to this, despite your already busy work load.
It's a very common pattern. Deciding to do something different but then being swept back into your regular "rhythm of life."
So, what are the options? In our personal lives, we can turn to friends or family to help us keep on course. In business, we can look to our leaders and colleagues to help us stay focused.
The reality is, it's really up to us and most of us know it. If you think about the most worthwhile achievements in life, they have been the result of us, as individuals, deciding to act.

When you do this in business, authentically, you have the potential to:
• Inspire others
• Be a role model
• Live what you believe
• Open yourself to other possibilities
• Learn
• Grow
• Be a leader

Hidden treasure

• People are more likely to help you with your cause because they see you are serious and committed to making a difference.
• Also, it makes it easier for you to be there for others because you know best where to encourage, offer guidance or just help out.

Helpful hints

To help maintain focus on your vision

• Regularly set yourself time to check-in around what you are trying to achieve and why
• Ensure your activity supports both your day-to-day work and your longer term ambitions
• Be disciplined around stopping what you don't really need to be doing
• Engage others around why you are trying to do things differently
• Help others who are embarking on a similar journey