The harsh reality of success

by Adam Smith29 Nov 2012

Success don’t come easy, and as the BrokerProfitsVault's James Veigli explains, the best ‘get rich quick’ scheme you’ll find is probably going to mean sacrifice and hard work.

I was invited to speak at a professional development day for a major aggregator over in Adelaide earlier in the year (they also invited legendary entrepreneur Bob Ansett from Budget fame as the other keynote speaker), and in preparing my speech I thought long and hard about success – specifically in terms of the ‘harsh’ truth some may find a little confronting, and a pill hard to swallow for some.  In fact, a pill usually stuffed deep in the “drawer” of your mind, buried with other harsh facts about business or life we often wish could be cheated. Or better still, didn’t exist.
Now and later
Many “get rich quick” spruikers out there, often with a “magic pill” to sell, rely on selling the idea that success, or attaining riches, is as easy as 1-2-3.  Have I invested in some of these products? Yes.  Do most people who buy into “get rich quick” programs ever get rich… let alone quick?  The answer unfortunately, is no.  Why is this so?  The exact quote I used in my presentation was this:
“Most people in business and life aren’t prepared to sacrifice NOW for a better LATER.”
And this quote holds true for time, money and most importantly effort or hard work. But does it apply to you too?
Many of you would have read or seen “The Secret”, a book (and also movie) that people mistake for teaching a law that basically means whatever you simply ask for in life you will receive.  Not so many of you would have seen the spoof videos on YouTube taking advantage of this idealistic approach to the law of manifestation – don’t blame me if you get lost in time watching YouTube videos for hours though.
Will a pile of money fall on your head while you meditate thinking about money and focussing on abundance?  Hell no.  Will having a positive, successful, goal-oriented, abundance mindset help you come into a pile of money?  Yes, but there’s a catch.  You’ve gotta get off your backside and put in the effort and sometimes hard work to make it happen.  
Positive expectation is one (important) thing, but taking action is where the magic happens.
Also (and this especially goes for “already-successful people who want more”) getting serious about achieving your (bigger) goals will more often than not require you to sacrifice something (time, money, effort) NOW to enable you to achieve that better (more time, more money, less effort) LATER you dream about.
Me and now
Let me give you a close-to-home example.  Before I started to invest (read “sacrifice”) time, money and effort in my life, I was staring down the barrel of an unsatisfying 40+ year career lost in the “big bank machine”.  I wanted and knew there should be a better way – so I sacrificed my hard-earned money, and sacrificed my weekend off work to attend a wealth creation seminar. My first!  I continued for years to sacrifice significant time, money and effort to learn the “real world” knowledge about business, investing and life that I needed to pursue my interests and be successful.  In fact, I’m confident that I know more about how to be successful in business and life than most people twice my age.  Why (and it’s not arrogance)?  Because I’ve invested in learning from those already in the position I wanted to be in.  Because of this sacrifice (that I continue to make by the way), within a short space of time I’ve built a fast-growing six-figure business that has taken me around the world, working when and how I want – with no staff or overheads to worry about.  I continue to this day to sacrifice time, money and effort NOW to give me a better LATER (in my case, growing my business to a seven-figure business – without impacting my current lifestyle).
A harsh reality
The harsh reality is that there is no substitute for putting in effort NOW to give you a better LATER.  The harsh reality is that there is no ONE magic strategy, idea, process or set of steps to accomplish everything in life you desire.  If there were, a much larger portion of the community would be massively successful.
Sure, there ARE short-cuts, and you should seek-out, identify and invest in these as much as possible.  But the underlying secret to my growing success, and the massive successes of my mentors, is simple:
• Learn proven or new ideas, from those who are already successful
• Implement the proven or new ideas in your business or life
• Don’t conform, be different – and don’t worry about the ‘haters’
• Be willing to sacrifice short-term gain for long-term rewards
• Be willing to sacrifice now for a better later
• Always mix with more successful people than you
• Repeat… for life
The choice is yours
So there you have it.  You have two clear options from here.  
Either get annoyed and frustrated at the fact that achieving massive success means you actually have to DO something (gasp!) – and in which case my experience tells me that your time within this industry is likely to be short-lived. 
On the other hand, if you are excited by the prospect of getting stuck-in to learning how you can cheat the so-called ladder of success by implementing proven money making strategies (that the ‘others’ are too lazy to do) then seek out experts and implement accordingly.
My final tips would be to allocate regular, non-negotiable time to your personal and professional development (invest now for later!), become accountable to someone, and diversify your learning, consulting different experts in different fields.