Them there is fightin’ words

by BN14 Mar 2012

Insider is never loathe to employ a metaphor here or there, if it serves to elucidate and drive home the point he is trying to make. However, he was recently left aghast (and somewhat spellbound) with the licence taken by accounting firm Chan & Naylor in its use of metaphor, which managed to push the very bounds of cerebrally permissible language and meaning. No doubt wanting to stand out from the ever-growing crowd looking to berate the RBA for being impotent in the face of a lack of bank rate moves, the firm put its wordsmiths to work on a master stroke of language – one that no doubt it hoped might be remembered (like its namesake) for all time. The result, a headline for the ages. “A ‘one-armed Mohammed Ali’ will not scare big banks into passing on rate cuts.” Yes, the one-armed Mohammed Ali in question was in fact our favourite RBA. “If the Government does not act fast then they will be left with all the power of a one armed Mohammed Ali fighting an opponent with a much bigger credit control stick,” the firm wrote. Whoa! Who’s got their hands on that credit control stick? The big banks of course. The problem, according to Chan & Naylor’s director Ken Raiss, is that banks ‘have been allowed to build an infrastructure around themselves that is now deemed untouchable’. He may have something there, but Insider will never know, as he is still stuck on the metaphor itself. Suddenly, his mind was conjuring up what some earlier drafts of the release may have contained, before Ali was picked as the winner. A lazy-eyed Evander Holyfield? A wheelchair-bound Lennox Lewis? A cleft-palated Leon Spinks? Or perhaps an explosively incontinent Rocky Marciano? Now those are some images Insider thinks could be left at home when it comes to characterising the RBA. Perhaps Chan & Naylor should think about doing the same next time.