Who needs broking? I’ve got Chilli Jam

by BN22 Jan 2012

Brokers have been absolutely decimated in overseas markets by the financial crisis, which should remind Aussie professionals how lucky they can count themselves. What amuses Insider about the situation however, is the diversity of paths ex-brokers take after coming on some hard luck. The latest is Simon Barrett from the UK’s Thixendale in Yorkshire, who after leaving the profession in 2008 as the financial crisis hit, took on a six month contract at a gravy factory in Wetherby. Exposed to the world of scale food production, Simon suddenly decided his future didn’t lie in mortgage broking – it was clear to him, the future was Chilli jam. That’s right, Barrett – who goes by the self-styled title, “The Chilli Jam Man” – first came across the wonderful world of Chilli jam while he was down under between 1995 and 2000. “I lived in Oz for five years and when I came back I found there was a gap in my cupboard. I came across a lot of Southeast Asian and Thai-based flavours in Oz and I was really missing that flavour set,” Simon told the local press. “One of my mates said ‘have a go at chilli jam’, so I dug out some recipes on the internet, mixed and matched flavours and came up with the original.” The rest, of course, is history. The Chilli Jam Man is now a popular flavour in the UK, having landed a batch of awards after winning over tastebuds across the nation. He now produces between 2500 and 3000 jars a day. So, should GFC Mark II hit our shores, we can be assured of some ‘spicy’ post-broking stories to follow.