... As second tiers follow suit

by Adam Smith12 Jun 2012

Second tiers have followed on the rate cuts flowing through from the major banks, but only one has passed on the full RBA cut.

Bank of Queensland last week became the first bank to move in the wake of the Reserve Bank's cut to the official cash rate, cutting 20bps from its rate. Mutual Unicredit WA has thus far been the only second tier lender to pass along the full 25bp cut. Westpac brands St. George and Bank of Melbourne have both moved on rates, but neither has passed along the full cut.

St. George has trimmed 18bps from its standard variable rate, taking its rate to 6.86%. The move leaves the bank's rate 3bps lower than its parent company Westpac, but higher than the other majors. Bank of Melbourne has also announced cuts, dropping its rate by 19bps to 6.80%.

ING Direct pre-empted moves by the majors last week, cutting 20bps from its rates to bring the lender's Mortgage Simplifier variable rate loan to 6.22%.

Suncorp has also reduced rates, cutting its standard variable rate by 20bps to 6.88%. ME Bank has passed on the smallest reduction thus far, cutting rates by 16bps, but chief executive Jamie McPhee has argued that the lender's rates are more than 50bps lower than those of the nearest major bank.

"The major banks have decreased their rates by less than 0.62% p.a. between November 2010 and June 2012, while ME Bank has decreased its rates in the same period by 0.71%," he claimed.

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  • by Stephen Dinte 12/06/2012 10:31:39 AM

    It is important to look at the real effect of a lender's action in respect to a RBA rate cut. Most analysts merely reflect on the actual reduction, rather then what it means. The RBA cuts the cash rate by 25 bps. A lender then cuts it's SVR by 20 bps. What this really means is that the lender has only passed on 80% of the cut, and improved it's profit position by 20%. That is a massive improvement to the bottom line. I only wish I had the same power to magically increase my bottom line by 20%.