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  • Potential planners 'need' substantial certification by Robin Christie

    If you're feeling the pressure to diversify and become more of a financial planner than a mortgage broker, it's worth finding out how valuable the certification for planners actually is...

  • Aussie slams ‘shredding’ claim by Caroline Dann

    Aussie has hit back at ‘shredding ’claims made yesterday in The Australian, telling Australian Broker Online the story was “totally misguided”

  • Facebook founder borrows 'for free' by Patrice Thomson

    What kind of billionaire would take out a mortgage? When it comes to Mark Zuckerberg, the answer is easy: a smart one

  • Grand finals may give spring season a push by Caroline Dann

    RP Data’s Cameron Kusher has told Australian Broker Online how the football grand finals could be the real start to the spring selling season

  • Confident yes, but intention is low by Caroline Dann

    New research shows would-be property investors are confident about the economy but are still unwilling to ‘dip their toe’ in

  • Confidence high, while graduates flood market by Caroline Dann

    Good news for brokers: homebuyer confidence is strong, while graduates could present a new, valuable revenue stream, according to Genworth