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  • Spring yields mixed predictions by BN

    Australian Property Monitors' Andrew Wilson and Blue Wealth Property CEO Tony Hayek have given mixed predictions for the spring property selling season.

  • Construction: Relief at last? by Caroline Dann

    There’s good news on the horizon for the beleaguered construction market, but crucially, not in every state

  • Mystery mortgage as good as a holiday by Caroline Dann

    Mystery hotels, flights and holidays are old news - instead, try mystery mortgages for a kick, says this website

  • Sea change turns sour for coastal investors by Caroline Dann

    The latest data shows coastal areas continue to drop in value, as tourism slows and the property market struggles

  • Ex-mutual targets 'big' home loans by Caroline Dann

    A local WA bank is unveiling an ambitious home loan plan just months after de-mutualising

  • AFG responds to Connective criticisms by Caroline Dann

    AFG has hit back at criticisms from rival aggregator Connective, claiming that its financial results are more transparent and are a more valuable measure of mortgage industry performance