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  • TV: Brokers take aim at clawback policies by Mackenzie McCarty

    Do you think clawbacks are fair? If not, you’re not the only one. Find out what our brokers think on clawbacks, and how to go about avoiding them

  • Rate cut tomorrow 'beyond doubt' by Adam Smith

    An economist has claimed tepid inflation means a May rate cut is a foregone conclusion

  • Affordability elusive for low income earners by Adam Smith

    Low income Australians are out of luck in capital city rental markets, with few affordable options available

  • Shorten falls short for specialised lenders by Adam Smith

    Payday lenders say a proposed increase to a cap on interest rates will make little difference, and have urged the government not to rush through mooted regulations of the industry

  • Suburbs tipped to see major falls by Aidan Devine

    A number of indicators show that select areas within Northern Queensland, rural Tasmania and the South Australia coast might see price crashes soon

  • House prices may be on the mend by Adam Smith

    Median house prices have seen their first quarterly rise in 20 months, and the result has prompted analysts to theorise the market could be stabilising