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  • How can you stand out from the broking pack? by Calida Smylie

    A recruiter specialising in placing brokers has noticed a significant amount of ‘new blood’ coming into the mortgage industry – and it'll likely keep the industry on its toes.

  • 'Have your cake and eat it too' by Calida Smylie

    One non-bank lender is staying competitive by offering brokers a choice in income options. Does a higher upfront, lower trail suit you best or the other way round?

  • FHBs 'far lower than long-run average' by Calida Smylie

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has just released its latest home loan statistics - find out how the country is faring.

  • Melbourne feeling the pinch by AB

    The latest house price statistics show your prospective clients in Melbourne will have been feeling the pinch, but how about home buyers across the rest of the country?

  • BREAKING: ASIC deals ban to former banker by AB

    ASIC has permanently banned a former Big Four home finance manager from providing financial services.

  • Aussies facing credit blacklist could rise 'exponentially' by AB

    The number of Aussie borrowers blacklisted by credit reporting bodies will increase exponentially after Friday, says a national finance company.