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  • Trainer ups the self-study ante by Mackenzie McCarty

    A trainer has released a self-study program that it says can reduce the time brokers take to finish qualifications

  • Comparison rates want apples to be oranges by BN

    ASIC has been quick to warn lenders on their comparison rates, but as Insider and brokers argue, the rates are fraught with problems

  • Bank recovers after turnaround blowout by Mackenzie McCarty

    A key Australian lender has managed to drastically reduce turnaround times after special offers caused response times to increase earlier this year

  • Aggregator finds replacement CEO by Mackenzie McCarty

    A beleaguered diversified financial services business and mortgage aggregator has named its new CEO

  • Mortgage manager throws open NRAS option by Mackenzie McCarty

    A Sydney-based mortgage manager will now accept applications as part of the National Rental Affordability Scheme, proving popular with investors

  • Tax time could boost your referrals by Mackenzie McCarty

    Mortgage brokers can use tax time to boost their referral relationships if they are smart enough to utilise their customer data