A day in the life of… Mark DeMartino

by Adam Smith03 Feb 2012

Mark DeMartino is national sales director at Loan Market

6:00am Hotel wake up call. I’m in Sydney today, finishing up a few days of meetings with key lenders and brokers. After a check of my overnight emails I’m ready for the day.

7:00am Check out of hotel but leave my bags with concierge to pick up later tonight for my flight back to Melbourne.

7:15am After checking out of the hotel I arrive at my favourite Sydney coffee shop across from our office to start the day’s work. With a short macchiato to get things moving, I write down today’s action plan and work on emails received overnight. I’m developing an updated Broker Induction program for roll out nationally.

8:30am Meeting with three of our top NSW brokers, to discuss strategies around building their referral business. I love coaching brokers in a group like this. Great people achieve great results and these guys are really sharp. Some good outcomes are achieved including referrers to target and effective scripts shared by all.

11:00am Meeting with our NSW broker trainee manager to discuss new broker pathways and the progress of recently-inducted trainee classes. It’s great to see so many new people entering our industry. They all seem so positive and rearing to go!

12:00pm Meeting with Paul from Intellitrain to discuss broker training which includes eLearning modules and how Loan Market can contribute content. The new technology is exciting and I can really see brokers learning outcomes improving markedly. We also discuss revised diploma upgrade content for our senior brokers.

2:45pm Late lunch. Take-away salad should do the trick!

3:05pm Meeting with our NSW administrator for 15 minutes regarding an upcoming state conference. We discuss the Awards Night winners and run sheet. I’m really impressed with the results these brokers have achieved in a testing year. Also put the final touches on a surprise event on the night itself.

3:30pm Drive to the office of one of our brokers to discuss Loan Market shopfront branding size and position. The guys are keen to discuss the next phase for their business and their real estate referral partners. A great meeting.

4:35pm Had to pull into a Coles parking lot as a broker calls regarding a problem with a loan approval. Call the bank to escalate. Pretty sure I’ll win this one as the broker has a strong case.

4:55pm Still in the car. Called three brokers to say hello and see how the week’s going. Team is pumped. So many leads coming in from the call centre and real estate referrers after the [November] rate drop.

5:15pm Teleconference with the management team around a new lead generation initiative for our brokers. Very exciting!

6:30pm Arrive at a social gathering for brokers and real estate high performers at our executive chairman’s house. It’s a beautiful night overlooking Sydney Harbour, with over 100 people here.

8:55pm Arrive at airport with five minutes to spare and return some calls whilst waiting to board.

9:50pm Depart Sydney on a delayed flight – and the spare seat next to me caps off a great day.