Advantedge: Fixed rates boost relationships

by Caroline Dann14 Aug 2012
Advantedge is claiming record-low fixed rates are an excellent way to keep clients happy.
Speaking to Australian Broker Online, Brett Halliwell, Advantedge’s general manager of distribution, said brokers should use the rates as an excuse to touch base.
“It’s a really good excuse to ask how they’re getting on with their loans, and whether they’d thought about switching to a fixed rate,” he said.
It reinforces the role of the broker as a trusted “source of advice.” 
“We’re really seeing an evolution [of the broker] into an advice-giving professional. To my mind, it’s about being proactive... and passing on information that might benefit them.”
“We’re dealing with the market day-in day-out, and most mortgage customers aren’t, so it’s a great way to add value,” he said.
His comments come after Advantedge announced a three-year fixed rate plan from 5.44%. 
“It’s around 50 basis points less than the standard variable rates offered by the major banks,” said Halliwell.
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