Advantedge to expand partner planner model

by Mackenzie McCarty07 Jun 2012

Advantedge will soon roll out a new model to PLAN, Choice and FAST which links planners with brokers.

Advantedge head of broker platforms Steve Kane said the partner planner model which links a pod of brokers up with a dedicated financial planner will soon be nationwide.

"We've piloted the model successfully, and are looking to roll it out to the rest of our broker base through the three aggregators," Kane said.

Kane said the pilot had been run in Western Australia for over 6 months, and now the group wants to implement it more broadly across its distribution network.

He said the broader expansion would itself take between six and 12 months to implement.

The parter planner model comes in addition to other diversification initiatives underway at Advantedge which include equipment and commercial finance and white label lending.

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