AFG's Leedham replaces Kane as MFAA president

by Mackenzie McCarty20 Jul 2012

Newly appointed general manager of broker platforms at Advantedge, Steve Kane, has resigned as president of the MFAA and will be replaced by AFG's SA state manager effective 19 July 2012.

Kane previously told Australian Broker Online that he was reviewing his role at the MFAA as a result of his promotion from FAST to Advantedge, which placed him closer to ultimate owner NAB.

Today, the MFAA announced Kane would resign from the position.

"I submitted my resignation with some regret as I very much wanted to continue to play a role in MFAA’s development and enhancement of the professional status of its members.

"However my work commitments are such that I felt that I could no longer do justice to what is an important role with the MFAA.”

The MFAA board has elected Martin Leedham, state manager of AFG in SA, as its new president.