Aggregator primes members for productivity drive

by Adam Smith15 Nov 2012

Connective principal Mark Haron has named productivity as the key driver behind the company's strategy in 2013.

Speaking at the Connective conference on the Gold Coast, Haron said aggregators play a key role in improving productivity for the mortgage broking industry. He said increasing productivity had become especially vital in light of reduced credit demand.

"Decreased credit demand has made productivity more important. Decreased revenue often leads businesses to have to decrease expenses, including shedding staff, delaying investments and delaying projects," Haron said.

"We're seeing that in the mining sector, and have certainly seen it through the banking and lending sector as well. There's a lot more competition for less business in our sector," he said.

Rather than placing the onus solely on brokers for increasing productivity, Haron said the goal had to be a collaboration between brokers, lenders and aggregators. Haron claimed driving productivity was "part of our DNA in Connective".

"It means we've been able to outgrow our competitors because we're more productive," Haron said.