Aggregator seals bookkeeper deal

by Mackenzie McCarty09 Jul 2012

A WA-based aggregator has signed an exclusive deal that will see it provide its suite of advisory services to a firm of bookkeepers and their clients.

Aggregator Ballast has announced a partnership with First class Accounts, which will see it add services including lending and aggregation to those offered by the bookkeeping group to its clients.

First Class Accounts is Australia's largest bookkeeping franchise, with over 200 bookkeepers servicing 5000 clients across a variety of industries.

"Our relationship with Ballast enables all First Class Accounts franchisees to provide our clients with access to a variety of financial services, saving them time and money," said Clive Barrett, First Class Accounts managing director.

"With the best interests of our clients at heart, our bookkeepers can combine with Ballast to point them in the right direction and provide further value”, Barrett said.

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