Aggregator: Women can make better brokers

by Caroline Dann19 Sep 2012

The CEO of an aggregator claims the broking industry is still backwards when it comes to women in broking.

Voula Kotsiras, CEO of aggregator Port Group, told Australian Broker Online while more women were entering the market, it was still significantly behind other financial arms, including real estate.
“In my 12 years in the industry, I do believe I have seen more women entering into broking,” she said.
“However, when we compare our industry to industries such as accountants, financial planners and real estate agents, they seem to be making more progress in attracting female numbers.”
Port Group recently made a push to attract more female brokers, including a photographic campaign.
“The culture in our industry has typically been male dominated and more female brokers in the industry would be a nice welcome,” she said.
Ms Kotsiras said women could be a “great advantage” to clients. 
“Typically women are more sympathetic in general and most referrers and consumers relate well to women,” she said.
She acknowledged family factors were a concern for women in the field.
“Women in our industry face similar obstacles to men, however, those that decide to raise a family for example, can miss out on crucial relationship building periods.  
“Strong relationships and a large referral network is critical to a successful broker,” she warned.
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  • by Rach 19/09/2012 10:37:38 AM

    A good broker is a good broker, but there are some natural instincts that I think many women have, that could be advantageous...

  • by ForTruth 19/09/2012 10:38:52 AM

    As a male broker i will make sure i dont join the Port Group,I would advise any male broker to do likewise.
    It is politically correct to also push females in front of males, I have had enough. It is time we stand up and stop this constant demeaning of men.

  • by Glenn Rodricks 19/09/2012 10:53:17 AM

    We don't have a problem attracting women to our group, we have 6 women out of nine brokers... and growing. I agree totally with all the rest of voula's views.