ANZ the least popular with customers

by Caroline Dann24 Jul 2012

Customer satisfaction with ANZ declined in June, making it the least popular of the Big Four, according to Roy Morgan’s research.

The report showed a consecutive five-month decline in overall satisfaction with the Big Four, with Westpac slightly ahead of ANZ at 74.3%, CBA at 77.3% and NAB at 78.2%.
Norman Morris, Roy Morgan’s communications director, said ANZ’s refusal to pass on RBA’s rate cuts from February onwards may have impacted on customer attitudes.
He added that small business owners had the lowest satisfaction levels overall, which “has the potential to significantly impact customer satisfaction in the consumer market,” he said.
Meanwhile, mutual banks continue to shine, with Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank topping the list at a 93.7% satisfaction rate.
“This puts them in a potentially strong position if government moves recently to make switching easier are accepted by consumers,” said Morris.
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  • by Martin 24/07/2012 10:35:27 AM

    (re ANZ) One the other hand, I lodged an equity release LoC application last Thursday night as I left the office, and when I arrived Friday morning it was Formally Approved. On ya, ANZ!

  • by Ronalds 24/09/2012 6:57:52 AM

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