Aussie boosts mobile leads

by BN27 Jun 2012

Aussie's mobile website is accounting for a growing share of its online customer leads.

The mortgage broker has said that the mobile Aussie site has gone up from 8% of online leads to 12% over a 12-month period. Of it's telephone leads, 12% can be tracked down to the mobile site.

Aussie launched the site instead of an app in July 2011, so that it would be accessible to people regardless of the type of device that had available to them.

“On average, new business enquiries generated by the mobile website each week have more than doubled year-on-year,"said Alex Crompton, head of marketing and digital at Aussie.

“We’re always looking at how we can improve the service, and we’ll soon be releasing more calculators, tools and information across the range of products Aussie offers,” Crompton said.