Aussie targets top real estate agents

by Adam Smith01 May 2012

Aussie Home Loans has announced the launch of a real estate referral program it has said will target high-performing agents.

The franchise brokerage said it will use a partnership with RP Data to identify top real estate agents in each local market nationally, and will refer qualified, pre-approved buyers to them. No personal details apart from the client’s property requirements will be shared with the agent without the client’s consent, the company said.

The referral program will identify clients who match the skills of local agents. Aussie will then contact the clients, provide them with property reports and seek their consent to refer them to a local real estate agent.

“Our brokers are leading our clients, who now total more than 250,000, through the sometimes difficult process of accessing a great home loan and now we are extending this service to property search, in partnership with top quality agents,” Aussie executive chairman John Symond said.

Symond said the company was in the process of contacting high-performing real estate agents across the country to introduce the referral program, and connect the agents with local franchisees. He claimed the program would provide a boost to both brokers and agents.

“Our program will provide a shot in the arm for real estate agencies and the residential property market, while providing our customers a full service value proposition when purchasing and financing their new home or investment property,” he said.

Symond claimed Aussie’s broker network was conducting close to 10,000 client appointments per month, suggesting that the volume of clients brokers were seeing represented an opportunity for real estate agents.

“According to RP Data, there are more homes listed for sale in Australia than ever before in history. Our aim is to develop a database of qualified buyers who can be introduced to the right property via our local agent partner. The program is designed to provide high level service to both the property buyer and the agent,” he said.


  • by Tony Smith 1/05/2012 12:16:56 PM

    Sounds like a good idea, but really something good brokers have been doing for years!! And, we dont need RP data to tell us who the good agents are in our area. If you need to formalise this sort of arrangement and hold the hands of your Aussie Brokers to make sure it happens, you have the wrong brokers John. Just a bit more grandstanding from Aussie John.

  • by Tom 1/05/2012 6:45:48 PM

    Seen the pack-Sharp.
    Pretty clever Aussie.