Australian BrokerNews Forum: Viva NAB, Viva Flavell!

by Ben Abbott23 Mar 2012

Refreshing. Perfectly said. Well done.

That's the consensus from brokers, who flocked to the Australian BrokerNews forum yesterday to congratulate NAB Broker's distribtuion head John Flavell for championing 'equality'.

With the segmentation debate still stirring new and varied opinion among lenders and brokers, Flavell's frank talk on conversions via equality of service left brokers acclaiming NAB's approach.

"Congrats again NAB for making it an even playing field and allowing us to deliver an equal service experience to clients that WE have introduced to the bank," said Fat Albert.

"Well done John, very clear and succinct description of where lenders and brokers need to be," said long time broker, who lauded NAB's increased use of the phone to resolve application issues.

"It really seems that John Flavell has an understanding of the process that is required between broker and lender for the most efficient outcome," added Gary Perth.

CBA was not as well received among forum participants yesterday, following comments from CBA's Kathy Cummings which claimed competitors were failing their customers if they did not segment brokers.

"I still think CBA are doing a lot of good in the industry, but need to be mindful that they work for us and not vice versa," said one of the commenters, Qld Broker.

But for Flavell, it was only praise. In the words of melo: "Good onya Johnny".

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  • by Incognito 23/03/2012 1:34:41 PM

    Lets not get carried away here..

    Like sportsmen, lenders are only as good as their last few matches.

    Homeside have got it right several times in a row now so they're the good guys. But they could blow it all very quickly.

    So keep your eye on the ball Homeside (and watch those fixed rates).