Bank introduces compact home lending package

by Mackenzie McCarty23 Nov 2012

Suncorp Bank has introduced a brand new home lending package this week.

Suncorp Bank general manager intermediaries Steven Heavey says the new ‘Home Package Plus’ provides a wide range of benefits for customers, who can combine their home loan with other banking products, like their everyday bank account.

“The new Home Package Plus is a terrific option for customers who are seeking to bundle their banking in the one simple and convenient location.

“Customers will benefit from interest rate discounts and fee waivers on a variety of banking products, including savings accounts, credit cards and home and contents insurance, all by combining them in one simple package with their home loan.”

Heavey says Home Package Plus covers a diverse range of products.

“The flexibility of Home Package Plus is really unique in that it’s available with a variety of home loan products and benefits, and provides greater savings as the number of lending facilities increase.”


  • by ozboy 23/11/2012 9:07:56 AM

    Wow caught up with everyone else and that deserves a press release?!