Banned trail book dealer may be back at it

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A Victorian man banned for selling trail books, leads and rent rolls which never materialised may once again be attempting to dupe brokers.

Victoria Consumer Affairs last year banned Mark William Whittingham from being the director of a company until 2028.

VAC also banned Whittingham and his company from dealing in rent rolls, mortgage trail books or planning books until 2023.

The charges came after Australian Broker revealed in 2011 a large number of brokers had paid deposits to Whittingham for trail books which were never delivered.

Whittingham was also forced to pay nearly $200,000 in compensation to agents for rent rolls that he took deposits for and did not supply.

These penalties appear not to have deterred Whittingham, however, and he is allegedly now attempting to sell client databases to brokers.

A Victorian broker, who declined to be named, recently received an email from the address looking to sell a client database of up to 18,000 clients for around $1,000.

“We’re looking at expanding the business and bringing on more brokers - so of course you’re curious, and I sent an email back," said the broker.

The email from 'Income Buy', rife with spelling errors and with no mention of a company name, however, had the broker suspicious.

The original email read:

Data base for sale

We were mortgage brokers.

However we left the industry and no longar need the list

The price is $999 plus GST or best offer

If you are interested please reply with your contact details

Thank you for taking the time to read our email

The email appears to have been created with a simple template from

After responding to the email with her details as requested, the Victorian broker received a phone call from a number which is believed to belong to Whittingham.

“He rang me and didn’t say who he was and I had to really push to find out who the company was who the leads belong to. I was asking a lot of questions and I don’t think he was overly comfortable with it.”

Eventually the man gave his name as Mark Whittingham, who the broker says she had dealt with in the past to purchase $600 worth of leads which never eventuated.

“I just didn’t want to see everybody get ripped off, basically,” the unnamed broker told Australian Broker. “It’s not fair. Brokers, generally speaking, we earn a good living don’t get me wrong, but it’s tough times out there for a lot of them and $1000 is a lot of money to start with.
They work hard for it and it’s not fair.”

Calls made by Australian Broker to the number on which the broker was contacted reach the voicemail of a man who identifies as 'Mark'. Messages left by Australian Broker were not returned.

Messages to the email address respond with the subject line “Home Loan Selection Services”, the name of the company used by Whittingham in previous scams.

The domain name is believed to have been previously registered under Whittingham’s name, but is now registered under the name of a woman named Kate Logie.

Whittingham’s wife, Kate Whittingham, was previously investigated by CAV for similar conduct to her husband’s regarding her business Rent Roll Buyers, operated through the company Cali Four Pty Ltd.

A spokesperson for Consumer Affairs Victoria said the regulator currently has no confirmed complaints or enquiries regarding Whittingham, but urged anyone with information of business practices such as the above to contact them.

"Consumer Affairs Victoria is always alert and monitors for traders and businesses that either fail to supply or misrepresent goods and services to consumers and other business," said the spokesperson. "Consumer Affairs Victoria also monitors compliance with court orders following enforcement actions to ensure adherence."

The spokesperson added that ASIC is responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Corporations Act 2001, which includes the regulation of company directors.

An ASIC spokesperson responded that ASIC's public register shows that Mark William Whittingham is disqualified from managing a company until 2028. 

In general terms, the maximum penalty for someone found managing a company while disqualified is $8,500 or imprisonment for one year or both, said the spokesperson.
  • Sarah Williamson on 11/02/2015 12:21:24 PM

    Hello everybody,

    I work for A Current Affair and I am looking at investigating Mark Whittingham for a story. He is in court tomorrow. Please call me on 03 9420 3394 ASAP. I have some questions I need to ask.

  • Truth seeker on 3/06/2014 8:42:11 PM

    I was recently contacted by also. After seeing so many articles I was lucky to know this email is from an unscrupulous human being. Does anyone know who we can report this too to confirm his ongoing activity?

  • Sydney Agent on 28/02/2014 1:59:27 PM

    We fell victim to this grub May last year 2013. He was selling fraudulent rent rolls under I have found a blog
    which people are adding information as it comes available.

  • Patrick McMenamin on 11/02/2014 12:37:10 PM

    I again call on those who have purchased leads or database from Whittingham to contact me. If we can assemble actual evidence of the sale of duplicate data we will have a case, ideally a case for criminal fraud charges.

  • John C on 11/02/2014 9:16:44 AM

    I first came across this character some years ago. Back then he was asking for a deposit to show commitment. As soon as he asked for that, that was it for me as we had not even got the actual deal. Since then I have tried to unsubscribe from his email site which is ignored repeatedly, I have reported hie email address as a scam mail and to no avail. Surely he must be breaching the communictions act somewhere.

  • Financial Planning Industry on 10/02/2014 3:00:57 PM

    Got scammed as well.
    Just 2 weeks ago, he sold me 2500 leeds and only just saw the online scam info, i should have researched the fool. I was approached by him a year ago and at that time thought his story didn't check out, for some reason now i regret the transaction. It should be lock down for this criminal now!

  • Too much for broker on 23/01/2014 9:35:34 AM

    Whittingham has been wrecking peoples lives with so many scams for over a decade.....I still cant believe he gets away with this, we all see it and flag we have any teeth in our industry to support the 95% complying with the requirements of the public and government. Phil/MFAA be proactive and show how you get ASIC/ Police and whoever together to rid this type out....not holding my breath.

  • Failing Legal System on 22/01/2014 10:21:11 AM

    He just emailed me again (twice already this month) trying to sell me his loan books. This guy just doesn't give up. He obviously doesn't consider our authorities and laws as any deterrent (as do most crooks these days).
    At least crooks don't have to worry about being NCCP compliant. Easier being a crook by the looks of it :)

  • Vic Broker on 22/01/2014 12:29:23 AM

    I too got scammed by leads purchased but not received id anyone knows his home address I would like to visit him he scammed me of $3,000 worth of leads not received while struggling to start up a mortgage business. I seem to find every scammer in the finance industry

  • Linda Wisbey on 21/01/2014 10:50:07 PM

    I also rec'd the emails initially saying that he was an ex broker disposing of his book but then the next one said other brokers had asked him to dispose of their books on their behalf because he had enquiries. I hit unsubscribe and got a reply from hlsservices, his old business. Hopefully every broker is now familiar with who and what he is.

  • Positive Broker on 21/01/2014 4:46:13 PM

    Just received another email now. No address, no phone number, no website. Looks dodgy straight away. Press delete!

  • don on 21/01/2014 1:03:09 PM

    I was conned by the same loser a few years ago when he first advertised Lead Generation. Paid him $600 and that was the last I hear from him. I complaint to the MFAA to alert other brokers but they are a toothless tiger like the CAV. We brokers are the soft targets to CAV, ASIC and the likes.

  • Failed Legal System on 21/01/2014 12:44:20 PM

    I also received the email on 14 Jan. Our regulators only appear to want to regulate law abiding citizens. Criminals on the other hand have all the rights whilst their victims have none. It's cheaper for the govt to allow thieves to keep scamming us than it is to prosecute them and then lock them up. Why bother when they will be on the street again the next day anyway. If we can't afford build more jails, then reintroduce the death penalty for the more serious serial offenders to make room (and deter others). There is no deterrence for crims, and getting caught is just an inconvenience and part of their job.

  • Patrick on 21/01/2014 10:05:39 AM

    Dumb & Dumber, you are not the only one. I too was conned and bought a database. I subsequently received identical emails from a new shadow entity and challenged Whittingham, who of course denied all. If all who have been conned on a database purchase can communicate and compare the contents there is a chance we can do somthing about this guy. Repeat sales of the same property is fraud and a criminal offence. Given his history with ASIC & CAV I am sure a Court would issue a harsh sentence on a fraud conviction. Come on everyone, forget your pride and come forward, email

  • Coast Broker on 21/01/2014 9:55:14 AM

    Can someone hang up Mark Whittingham by the short and curlys and therefore put us out of our misery. I too have been receiving his latest emails about Data Bases. The Delete button is quickly pressed.

  • observer on 21/01/2014 9:53:42 AM

    I purchased a database from him a few years ago and did know a bit about him. I have made my money back several times over so not out of pocket like some (fortunately). I have also been receiving these emails from him and been forwarding them direct to CAV victoria.

    Why is it that governments can regulate the industry so hard with massive fines and jail for breaches of the rules, and this pair seem to skate through with minimal impact or accountability?

    It wouldn't be hard to work out is Katie Logie is the maiden name of Mrs Kate Whittingham.

    His home address was reasonably easy to find as well, ( Rp Data)

  • dumb and dumber on 21/01/2014 9:33:15 AM

    Yeap i also paid him $1750 and got the database but he never returned his calls and i made a complaint to the Victorian office of fair trading.
    This guy is disgusting.....

  • Positive Broker on 21/01/2014 9:23:24 AM

    I too have received that email. Anybody who gets involved when the sender does not identify themselves or their business is a sucker. It is obviously a con and any broker with an ounce of commonsense would see that straight away. Just press delete as i did.

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