BDM icon exits mortgage industry

by Adam Smith01 May 2012

An AMA-winning BDM has announced her retirement from the industry after more than 40 years.

Westpac BDM Debbie Neale, BDM of the Year winner at the 2010 Australian Mortgage Awards, has said she will retire to pursue "other passions and interests". Westpac general manager of mortgage broker distribution Tony MacRae has praised Neale's contribution to the mortgage broking industry.

"We're honoured and deeply privileged to know that Deb has been a part of the lives of many broker businesses, she has made a difference to her brokers and seen many of them succeed and grow, which is why she is has been passionate about brokers, customers, the mortgage industry and Westpac," MacRae said.

Neale reflected on her legacy, saying she had enjoyed serving as a "trusted adviser" to brokers. She offered parting advice to brokers to remain innovative.

"In a highly competitive and changing financial services environment, we must all be take accountability to continue to always be innovative and highly capable to ensure the bar is being raised on the value being delivered to mortgage brokers and customers.

"I leave with the knowledge that our industry is in good hands, with great people driving this successful approach - continued strength, confidence, professionalism, passion and drive within the Australian mortgage industry I have come to love," she said.

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  • by Susanne Massingham 4/05/2012 9:38:42 AM

    Having had the privilege of dealing with Deb in the past I can only wish her well. She was by far one of the most efficient, dedicated, helpful and committed BDMs we come across.