'Best' broker qualification debate heats up

by Caroline Dann01 Aug 2012

John Symond's claim to have the most qualified brokerage in the country has sparked furious debate in the industry.

Speaking exclusively to Australian Broker Online earlier this week, John Symond said Aussie brokers were the most qualified in the country.
He claimed undertaking studies, and obtaining the hotly-debated diploma, was the only way forward for the industry.
“Aussie has always been a proponent of higher education and our people are the best qualified and academically enhanced of anyone in the industry and we will continue that," he said.
The Australian Broker reader forum exploded with arguments on both sides of the fence, with one broker claiming it was a "real slap in the face for brokers with decades of industry experience."
Others were more supportive of Symond's stance. "All I hear is excuses from our profession about why continuing education is no good for us, and [that] we should be able to keep doing what we're doing the way we've always done it. That's just rubbish," said another.
Although unwilling to engage in the debate, Mortgage Choice's CEO Michael Russell reconfirmed his brokerage's commitment to quality education.
"Mortgage Choice has in place a continuous learning philosophy that delivers timely, effective and broker-centric learning and development opportunities that flexibly meet the varied needs of our geographically dispersed broker network," he told Australian Broker Online.
He also reiterated that further education could only benefit the industry.
"We commend and indeed encourage our members to pursue further education - whether this be a diploma in financial services or any other relevant business management or personal development program," he said.

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  • by A Broker 1/08/2012 9:34:15 AM

    I don't think it's so much John Symond's call for brokers to be Diploma qualified that upsets others, moreso the way this message came across. Whilst Aussie may offer an industry qualification as part of their Academy process (which isn't in itself a bad thing), to imply that an intense 2 week course is equal to or better than 10+ years of experience is naive at best, and downright inflammatory at worst. And, with all due respect to John, he certainly doesn't come across as naive ...

  • by Jason 1/08/2012 9:57:38 AM

    Think Aust Broker is just stirring the pot as per usual. Why would Aussie J have allowed this interview when whatever he said was always going to cause controversy anyway? Job Done AB!

  • by AussieBen 1/08/2012 10:12:19 AM

    Storm in a teacup as per usual, stirred by AustralianBrokerOnline.