Bouris canvasses for 'ex-bankers and new mums'

by Mackenzie McCarty27 Nov 2012

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) will target the likes of “ex-bankers and new mums” in a new push to expand its broking network beyond YBR branches with a new 'Wealth Agents' model.

In an announcement to the market, YBR says the company is targeting qualified finance industry professionals looking for a “refreshing” alternative to the institutional jobs offered by major banks.

Mark Bouris, chairman of YBR, describes Wealth Agents as a solution for mums and dads with young families who want a flexible way to supplement their household income.

“Wealth Agents gives ex-bankers, new mums, private wealth guys and anyone else who has been disaffected by the system the opportunity to service their clients the way they want, with no hidden agendas or one size fits all products.”

Bouris says the new model was created in order to assist in filling the demand for mortgage and refinance applications, as well as financial planning and general advice requests.

“This isn’t just about mortgages. That is only one part of it. This is about giving people advice and solutions to make a difference in their lives. It’s about having a Wealth Agent who will come to you at your home on a Saturday afternoon or after work and give you the right advice...The recent influx of enquirers we’ve received is proof that people want an alternative to what’s out there.”